Blog #2

Gila Box Riparian National Conservation Area is 23,000 acres of desert wildlife and natural landscapes. It also has four waterways named the Gila river, San Francisco river, Bonita creek, and Eagles creeks. The conservation gets its name Gila box from the Gila River canyon which contains woodlands with various vegetation, sandy beaches, and rocky cliffs. The rivers and creeks provide places to birdwatch, hike, and picnic. On the 23,000 acres of land there are historic homesteads and cliff dwellings. The cliff dwellings provide historical studies for architectures and makes this area a perfect get away to enjoy nature. Yet, with the incoming of visitors there can be negative interactions with people and animals living there.

  People camping can encounter animals and this interaction can displace the animals from their natural environment. On this conservation area there are steep and slippery banks or moss covered rocks which can cause problems to humans like falling causing a injury. This is correlated to that if someone in the conservation area was to get hurt there is no first aid available there and you’d have to call 911 but that’s if your phone works due to poor coverage in areas. The closest medical facilities are Morenci and Safford, AZ which are five to ten miles from the conservation area. Another negative feature is that on the byway roads are not maintained and certain spots are rocky and steep. To conclude I believe the positives out way the negatives in this national conservation area.

Blog #2

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