Blog #4

Gila box riparian National Conservation Area, Arizona

Climate changes on the Gila Box riparian National Conservation Area is starting to be notices with receding of rivers and creeks on the conservation area. This concern is that once the rivers are gone they will stay that way. The area will be affected because there are a lot of recreational uses of the river that people use for fun. The drier the area gets the more likely there will be flooding because the water wont have enough time to soak in if there was a severe rain storm. Also another impact of climate change would be high risk of wild fires. Since the area is becoming more dry its more likely there will be fires and once stopped it will be very hard to stop. Wild fires are a current impact because in June there were twenty six fires burning at one time in the state of Arizona. The wild fires can causing smoke to effect the areas around them. This smoke could harm people with respiratory problems young or old.

The state has been trying their best to help keep their citizens educated on wildfires and days where they at higher risks for fires. Fixing the rivers and other water bodies in the state will be more of a challenge for the governments. To prevent the sinking levels of the rivers they have to find a way to cool the area which is a big reason why climate change is the problem. The planet is heating up and we are seeing the effects of it before our eyes. The state has restrictions on the amount of water being used due to drought conditions in the state. The government is doing a good job trying to prevent the impacts of climate change as best they can.zzzaz13-04

Blog #4

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